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Global Warming

These sites describe global warming/climate change and its impacts on the planet Earth and humans. There are statistics, illustrations, movie clips, and animations. Myths and facts, debates, lesson plans, and experiments are included. There are links to eThemes resources on Greenhouse Effect, Ozone, and Solar System: Earth’s Atmosphere.


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This interactive site includes games, crafts, and information for kids about global climate change. Tour the entire site for a comprehensive picture of climate change.
This site is created by a group of scientists to educate students about global warming. The information is presented according to knowledge level of a reader (from beginners to experts). Included past ask scientist questions, facts, and fun activities about global warming.
This Q&A section provides quick information about the Kyoto Protocol. Find out what it is, how it relates to global warming, who participates in this treaty, and what role it plays.
Learn about the warning signs that the planet Earth is heating up. Click on the map to find out where the fingerprints and harbingers of global warming are happening.
Read different perspectives from researchers about climate change and global warming. Click on "Carbon Diet" to learn about energy consumption from human activities. Note: This site has a link that leads to discussion boards.
Information on this site about global warming is geared toward young students. Animations, quizzes, and games about global warming are included.
This site covers information about global warming causes and effects, and reports on actions that have been made. Recent news headlines of environmental concerns are included.
This site helps students learn about global warming from a scientific point of view. Movies and questions are included.
This lesson plan provides ideas, activities, and resources that focus on different perspectives in the global warming debates. Note: This site has a link leads to forums.
This lesson plan is to help students understand the concept and consequences of global warming. The activity is to have students create a pamphlet to illustrate their understanding.
Included are detailed illustrations and an activities menu about the affect of climate change. NOTE: This site provides useful background information for teachers, but the reading level may be too difficult for younger students.
These sites are all about the ozone, a form of oxygen. Sites include information about what ozone is, the ozone layer, why it is important, ozone depletion, and UV protection.
These sites are about the Earth's atmosphere and its layers. See pictures, diagrams, and videos, and then try the interactive quizzes. Includes links to an eThemes Resource on the ozone layer and greenhouse effect.
These sites describe the greenhouse effect and its impact on Earth and humans. There are statistics, illustrations, audio clips, and animations. Some sites include lesson plans, activities, and experiments.

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