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Holiday: Christmas Games and Crafts

These sites offer many fun ideas for free time during the holidays. Includes online games and classroom activities. Send an e-mail to Santa, complete word searches, read Christmas stories, or create holiday crafts. There are also links to Christmas clip art, coloring pages, and two eThemes Resources on Christmas traditions.


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Play online Christmas Tetris, a matching game, and a sleigh ride game.
This site has many online Christmas games. There are links at the bottom to Java and Flash games. Includes writing to Santa, word searches, and more. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Play a Nutcracker hangman game, concentration, or a word search. NOTE: This site contains sponsored links.
Read the interactive story, complete the Santa puzzle, play Tic-Tac-Toe, or answer the Christmas trivia.
Click on an icon for different stories and activities. There is also a list of the topics on the left. NOTE: This site contains a banner ad.
Here are several fun craft project ideas including angels, wreaths, gingerbread men, and more.
This site includes many craft ideas including ornaments, table decorations, and more. NOTE: This site contains banner ads.
Try these projects for kids such as ornaments and cookies. NOTE: This site contains sponsored links and a banner ad.
Here is an index of printable worksheets, coloring pages, and other activities with a Christmas theme.
This page has pictures illustrating some famous Christmas songs. Students have to guess what song each picture represents. NOTE: The site includes a link to a message board.
Try to put these pictures in the right order.
Explore this fun site for many games and activities. Includes a video of Santa going down the chimney, a naughty/nice list, a Christmas countdown, and word find games.
Scroll through these silly Christmas riddles. NOTE: This site contains ads.
These sites explain how Christmas is celebrated in different parts of the world. Countries include France, Canada, Poland, England, China, the Philippines, and many more. Hear how "Merry Christmas" is pronounced in several languages and discover if people around the globe decorate trees or believe in Santa. There are links to eThemes Resources on Christmas traditions in America and Christmas crafts and games.

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