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Native Americans: Maya

These sites are about the regions, lifestyle, history, art, and religion of the Mayan people. Students can view Flash movies, videos, maps, and photographs. Included are two eThemes on Native Americans and chocolate.


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Students can read this encyclopedia information on the Mayan people of Mexico and Central American. NOTE: The site includes ads.
This site has numerous photographs and a map. NOTE: The site includes ads.
The Science Museum of Minnesota published this site which contains many photographs and activities.
This site is rich in content. Students can explore videos of Copan, look at maps, and read Maya hieroglyphs. Click on "Teacher's Guide" or "Resources" for additional information.
Click on "The Maya" for information on the mysterious collapse of the Mayan empire.
Read about these thieves and the items that were stolen from "Copan's Red Lady."
This site has Flash presentations and maps of Mesoamerica. Scroll to the bottom of the page for information on the Maya and their culture. NOTE: The site includes ads.
This site has information and many examples of Mayan glyph drawings.
This astronomy site relates the Mayan gods to astronomical bodies.
This site chronicles the search for the remains of the people that preceded the Maya.
Students can view photographs of many different Mayan cities.
Learn more about the cultures of various Native American tribes. Some sites emphasize that these are "live" cultures because there are more than a million American Indians living today. Watch videos of a powwow, read biographies of famous Native Americans, and view paintings and photographs. Includes population statistics on the largest tribes and information about the controversy over the use of Native Americans as school mascots.
These sites cover many aspects of chocolate, including the history of chocolate, cacao plantations, how chocolate is made and why many people crave chocolate. Also includes a virtual tour of a chocolate factory as well as photos, illustrations, interactive games and audio and video files.
These websites are about the Mayas and their culture. There are lesson plans, maps, timelines, quizzes, and cartoons. There is information about their culture, government, religion, and more.
Explore the ancient civilizations of the Maya, Inca, Aztec, Cahokia, and Anasazi. Includes pictures, audio clips of music, and 360-degree virtual realities.

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