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Literature: "Blubber" by Judy Blume

These websites are about the book “Blubber,” author Judy Blume, and book banning. Includes a biography of the author, reviews of the book, a discussion guide, and excerpts from the book. There is also information about book banning because this was one of the most challenged books of the 1990’s. One link leads to an audio clip of Judy Blume speaking about censorship. There are links to eThemes on whales, the literature theme of bullying, and an author study on Judy Blume.


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Read about Judy Blume and her history of writing. Click on the links at the top to read an interview transcript and to see a list of books she has written. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This page has a book's synopsis.
This website is all about the book. Click on "Reader's Guide" to for teaching ideas that deal with bullying. NOTE: The website contains a link to a website with a guestbook.
Click on "Audiobook Excerpt" from the menu on the left side of the screen to listen to a six-minute excerpt from the book.
Find out some of the most frequently banned books and why they were banned. "Blubber" is listed second. NOTE: The website contains pop-up and banner ads.
Click on "Listen" to hear Judy Blume talk about censorship and her books. The interview is about ten minutes long. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Here is a list of other books about bullying that students might like.
These sites are about whales. Learn about the characteristics, behavior, and classification of whales. Topics include the habitat, life cycle, communication methods, and migration. There are videos, photographs, and sound files. Several hands-on activities and online games and quizzes are included. eThemes Resources on endangered species and ocean animals are linked.
These sites are about bullies and includes tips on how to deal with them. There are lists of recommended children's books that have a bullying theme, a printable pledge against bullying, and an animated movie. Includes eThemes Resources on several books with this theme.
These sites have information about author Judy Blume and activities to go along with several of her books including: "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing," "The Pain and the Great One," and the "Fudge" series.

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