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Music: Genres

These Web sites are about various modern genres of music. Learn about jazz, country, rock and roll, blues, mariachi music, and more. Some Web sites include audio and video clips and interactive timelines. There are links to various eThemes Resources on music topics.


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Read definitions of many kinds of popular music on this Web site. NOTE: The site includes pop-up and banner ads.
Watch the movie and take the quiz.
Read about the origins of country music on this Web site from the country music hall of fame.
This article for teachers incorporates jazz across the curriculum.
This nine-page PDF file is all about jazz. Learn about Duke Ellington, the swing era, and more.
Learn the history of rock music, including rock in the 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's.
Students can explore an interactive timeline, "Join the Jazz Band," "Meet a Musician," and more.
This is the home page for PBS jazz. Students can watch a five minute video trailer from the film "Jazz."
Students can watch full length movies of blues musicians. Transcripts for some of the movies are also available. NOTE: Site has a link to YouTube.
These Web sites are about famous music composers throughout history. Learn about Bach, Beethoven, the Gershwin brothers, and other famous composers. There are games, sound clips, and video clips.
These Web sites give an overview of music terms. Learn about rhythm, pitch, and sheet music. Includes games, worksheets, and glossaries.
These Web sites are about musical instruments. Hear the sounds that different instruments make, read about unusual instruments, and play games.

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