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Literature: "By the Shores of Silver Lake" by Laura Ingalls Wilder

These websites are about the book “By the Shores of Silver Lake” and author Laura Ingalls Wilder. There are discussion questions, lesson plans, interactive activities, and an excerpt from the book. Includes links to eThemes on Wilder’s “Little House” books, historical fiction writing, and Laura Ingalls Wilder.


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Find out more about the writer. Includes a timeline of her life. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Read this student review of the book.
Here are several games and flashcards to help you learn the vocabulary from the book.
Find out about Laura Ingalls Wilder and view her photograph.
Read these student reviews for the book.
This hangman game uses vocabulary words from the book.
Here is an audio excerpt from the first chapter of the book. Explore the links on the right of the page for fun activities about Laura Ingalls Wilder and her books.
Here are some literature activities for each chapter of the books.
Read about Laura Ingalls Wilder and her Little House books. Learn about the places the Ingalls family lived. Includes activities and teaching guides to go along with various Little House books. Listen to fiddle playing and other music from that period. Read documents written by Laura.
Learn more about the genre of historical fiction. There are definitions and listings of recommended children's books, plus lesson plans and classroom activities.
These sites are about Laura Ingalls Wilder. Learn about author's biography, works and her life. Includes photos, primary documents, a timeline, and family tree. There are classroom activities and games that go along with the author study unit. There are links to eThemes Resources on books she has written.

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