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Literature: "Caddie Woodlawn" by Carol Ryrie Brink

These sites are about the book “Caddie Woodlawn” and author Carol Ryrie Brink. Read about the history of the story and the person who inspired it. See the town in Wisconsin that serves as the book’s setting. Includes online quizzes and activity ideas. There is also a link to eThemes Resources on quilting, pioneer food, and the Civil War.


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This unit on "Caddie Woodlawn" by Carol Ryrie Brink includes: book synopsis, about the author, suggested activities and discussion questions, and suggested vocabulary words. NOTE: This site includes ads. NOTE: This site includes a discussion board. (forum, message board, etc.)
This 30 page PDF walks the teacher through "Caddie Woodlawn" by Carol Ryrie Brink chapter by chapter. Includes: vocabulary, discussion questions, writing prompts, and student activities.
Activities for "Caddie Woodlawn" include: Pioneer Word Search, a Pioneer Quiz, Which Poem?, and Women Who Were First.
This unit look at "Shane" by Jack Shaefer, "Caddie Woodlawn" by Carol Ryrie Brink and "The Trees" by Conrad Richter to explore aspects of Westward Expansion. Contents of this curriculum unit include: introduction, historical background, "Shane": Users versus subduers, "Caddie Woodlawn": Life after the Land is Subdued, "The Trees": A closer look at users, conclusion, lesson plans, notes, student bibliography, and teacher's bibliography.
This page has discussion questions classified by learning skillings. Includes extension activities and writing prompts on the right menu. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Find out what kinds of clothes Caddie worn in 1860's. Includes printable doll clothes, book's reviews from children, and a picture of the house she lived in.
These sites include information about Civil War battles and military leaders. Includes timelines of major events and maps of the battle areas. View photographs of the war and the men and women involved. Includes links to several eThemes Resources on the Civil War.
A look at quilts throughout history including patterns and design construction. Covers quilts from the United States, Great Britain, Asia, Australia, Latin America, and elsewhere. Includes classroom activity ideas, audio recordings of quiltmakers, an online game, and many photographs of quilt patterns.
These sites have information about the types of food the pioneers ate and how they prepared and preserved their meals. Includes recipes for johnnycakes, brown sugar candy, snow ice cream, and molasses cake. Also includes some recipes for Native American and early African American dishes. There are links to eThemes Resources on pioneer life and westward expansion.

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