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Literature: "Call it Courage" by Armstrong Sperry

These sites have information about author Armstrong Sperry and the book “Call it Courage.” Includes lesson plans and activities. There are links to eThemes Resources on sharks, hurricanes, and Polynesia.


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This is the official site for Armstrong Sperry run by his granddaughter. Includes a biography, reviews, essays, study guides, and information about his novels. There is also a photograph of Sperry and information about Polynesia.
This 26 page PDF lesson plan includes vocabulary terms, exercises, activities, and other resources for teaching about "Call It Courage".
A nine-page pdf study guide has discussion questions to use after reading each chapter. Includes suggested activities for before and after reading.
This three page study guide includes chapter summaries, lists of difficult vocabulary terms, reading comprehension questions, and extended activities.
Watch a brief trailer for Armstrong Sperry's book created by middle school students. NOTE: This site includes a message board. NOTE: This site also includes ads.
During this unit, students can learn about the geography, plants, animals, and coral reefs of the Pacific Islands while reading the book "Call it Courage."
These sites are about the French Polynesia, a group of islands in the South Pacific. Learn about the geography, history, government, and culture of these islands. Topics include black pearls, mythology, and Captain James Cook.
These sites are about different types of sharks, including the great white shark. Learn about their habitat, diet, and behavior. View photographs and videos of sharks in the wild. Learn the truth behind common shark myths. Includes interactive quizzes and a live Webcam.
These sites are all about hurricanes. Watch videos on how they form and see photographs that show a hurricane's aftermath. Also, view weather maps and learn how to track a hurricane. Includes tips on how to prepare for this dangerous weather.

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