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Space: Meteors

Find information about meteoroids, meteors and meteorite. Learn about their differences, their origin and composition. The following sites include photographs, audio, animation and an activity.


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Learn about the difference between meteors, meteorites, and meteoroids.
Learn here about different kinds of meteoroids. Advance to Level 2 to learn more about meteors and meteorites sizes and weights. The site includes images and audio narration.
Find here information meteoroids, their orbits and origination.
Learn how to see meteors and view the meteor shower schedule for this year. NOTE: The Talk link goes to a message board.
Conduct experiments from this page and create craters to learn more about meteoroids impacts.
Read about meteors and meteorites. Learn new terms and definitions. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Click on icons of three meteorites than read or listen to about them and view their photos.
Here is information about meteors, meteor showers, and meteorites. Learn about the famous Meteor Crater in Arizona.
This page contains brief information and an index of more in-depth articles about meteors, meteor showers, and asteroids. There are also image galleries and short videos. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Blast the meteor that has the correct answer in this multiplication game.
Learn how to best view a meteor shower with the tips on this page. Includes a calendar for the upcoming showers in 2010.
Here is a description of the annual meteor showers and they're dates.

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