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Science: Weathering and Erosion

These sites focus on the process and effects of weathering and erosion. See examples of landslides, valleys, and other results of erosion and weathering. Includes animations, lesson plans, experiment ideas, and movie clips. There are links to eThemes Resources on rocks and minerals, Missouri’s landforms, and agriculture: soil.


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An extensive set of ready-to-use materials focused on teaching how the shape of the earth's surface is changed. Includes fast weathering, slow weathering and redepositing.
Collection of photos with brief explanations of the types of weathering and erosion presented in each photo.
A brief explanation about the importance of studying soil erosion. This site focuses on San Francisco.
Learn about glaciers and the physical effects they cause.
Discusses products of weathering, types of weathering and landforms of weathering.
A document explaining some of the effects of weathering on soil and rocks.
These photographs taken over time show what erosion has done to the land.
See photos and read about erosion and farmland. Learn some of the ways that it is managed.
Photos and information about these landforms in Utah caused from erosion.
Lots of pictures showing creep, slump, and earthflow.
This page, put together by Maine's Bureau of Land and Water Quality, shows the damage that can be done by poor land management and erosion.
See historic footage of the Dust Bowl or watch other video clips on wind erosion.
This page provides an introduction to wind erosion and its effects. The page includes a thorough description as well as many pictures on wind erosion.
This lesson plan has instructions for a science experiment on weathering and erosion.
These flashcards review vocabulary related to weathering and erosion.
Learn about erosion by doing a science experiment.
This Grade 6 Earth Science Unit focuses on weathering and erosion; it includes several lessons which address reshaping the topography of the Earth.
Learn about weather and effects of effects of mechanical and chemical weathering through experiments.
This page lists some experiments related to weathering and erosion.
See a process of river erosion, transport, and deposition through animations.
This lesson plan is integrated with Math to help students learned about erosion, conducting research, and percentage.
These sites have information about various types of soil. Learn about the components of soil such as sand, clay, silt, and humus, and read how soil is formed and why it is useful to us. There are hands-on activities and science experiments. Includes links to eThemes Resources on erosion, recycling, and earthworms.
These sites describe various rocks and minerals. Includes hands-on activities, online games, many photographs, and two animated movies. Learn about igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks and some of the more common minerals. There are links to eThemes Resources on fossils and erosion.
These sites are about the different geographical regions and natural resources in Missouri. Learn about the Ozarks, the Ozark border, glaciated plains, Osage plains, and Mississippi lowlands. Includes classroom activities, plus videos from the Missouri Heritage series. There are links to eThemes Resources on Missouri maps, rivers, and regions.

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