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Natural Disasters: Tsunamis

These sites have information about tsunamis and what causes them. See photographs, animations, and videos that show their destructive power when they reach land. Includes coloring sheets to print out, quizzes, puzzles, simulation models, and an online picture book. There is also a link to an eThemes Resource on earthquakes.


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Find out how a tsunami occurs. Learn the structure of its waves and what "Tsunami" means in Japanese. Select links at the top of the page for "Tsunami Activities," "Major Tsunamis," and a "Tsunami Glossary." NOTE: The site includes ads.
This one-page PDF file has two images that demonstrate the difference between common ocean waves and a tsunami.
This 30-page online picture book tells the story of a tsunami that forms in Alaska and goes to Hawaii. Click on "Next" to move to the next page.
This interactive animated model lets kids create different ocean waves changing parameters of wind speed, fetch, and waves' duration.
Learn about nature and the history of tsunamis. NOTE The site includes pop-up and banner ads.
The text and picture explain how tsunamis form.
This site from FEMA is designed to help educate people on what to do before, during, and after a tsunami.
Click on the major tsunamis listed to find out more about them and see photographs.
Scroll down and click on "Tsunami Attack Animation" to see an animated tsunami occur. Scroll down further to watch a video featuring a tsunami survivor. To start the video, click on the orange "QT" button.
This activity from Houghton Mifflin has students create a village and then visualize how a tsunami would destroy it.
There are a number of maps, quizzes, puzzles, and other printouts on the topic of tsunamis and earthquakes.
See this month's photo and visit the archives to see past photos.
This ThinkQuest has a list of major tsunamis and tells briefly about them.
These short video clips show the effects of tsunamis on land. Requires QuickTime.
These sites are about earthquakes and how they are measured. Includes how to predict earthquakes and what causes them. There are quizzes, animations, and simulations.

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