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Plants: Photosynthesis for Elementary School

These sites focus on photosynthesis and plant growth. There are animations that demonstrate the photosynthesis process, and how plants grow as well as activities, games, and online quizzes. There are also links to eThemes Resources on plants: species and parts, carnivorous plants, plant’s life cycles, plants: gardening, teaching with comedy, and Plants: What do Plants Need to Live?


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This page gives overview information on how plants eat photosynthesis.
Use the leaf glossary and learn about chlorophyll and photosynthesis. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Learn about "What is a Flower" and "Photosynthesis" as well as many more topics.
Click on "Go to Illuminating Photosynthesis" to see how a plant uses light from the sun.
What is cellulose? Read about what makes a plant special. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Learn some new words on this site: conifer, species, and terminal buds. Click on the age range for more simplistic or advanced information.
This site provides an activity which helps students explore more about photosynthesis.
Read an article about how plants produce food and interesting facts about plants. NOTE: The "Talk" link leads to message boards.
Watch a movie about photosynthesis process. Then take a quiz and do activities at the end of the page. Note: A subscription is required for this site.
Learn about photosynthesis and respiration processes as well as what plants need to grow. Includes an experiment and a quiz.
This page provides information for teachers to answer students' question about why they should study photosynthesis.
Descriptions, images, habitats, and life histories of various carnivorous plant species. Most sites include graphics.
These sites focus on pollination, germination, and photosynthesis in plants. There are hands-on experiments that demonstrate the characteristics of plants as well as online activities.
These sites offer gardening tips and planting activities for kids. Includes hands-on experiments, lesson plans, and photographs of plants and flowers. There are links to two eThemes Resources on plants. Zoom in on cells to see what they look like as the magnification of the microscope changes. Includes several images and some animated movies.
Learn about plants, cells, and seeds. Find out how science can be a fun activity. Read jokes and fun facts about plants. The sites include interactive games, quizzes, printouts, in class activities, and video files.
These sites have information on different species of plants as well as their parts and functions.
These sites focus on things plants need to live. There are video clips, animations, experiments, and lesson plans to understand what plants need to live and grow. There are links to eThemes Resources on Plants: Photosynthesis for Elementary School, Plants: Life Cycles, and Plants: Species and Parts.

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