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Missouri: Products Made from Mined Rocks and Minerals

Learn more about rocks and minerals found in Missouri including galena, limestone, and coal. Understand the uses of these minerals by reading information from producers, where minerals can be found, and how they can be preserved. Search mineral databases, view maps and charts, and have fun with a word-find puzzle. Includes eThemes resources Missouri: Natural Minerals and Geology.


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This one-page PDF explains the history of galena - its composition, location where it is usually found, and when it was established as Missouri's official mineral.
This 20-page PDF is a booklet stating the importance of the rock and mineral industry in Missouri. It also includes classifications of different types of rocks, along with a chart of descriptions and pictures of the most commonly found rocks and minerals in Missouri.
Learn more about topographical maps and how they are used. Click on a quadrangle to explore different regions of Missouri. Learn more about these regions by viewing topographical maps from different eras of time.
This two-page PDF shows a map of Missouri and includes information where different mineral resources can be found throughout the state.
Learn more about limestone and how it can be used in a variety of ways. Click on the links near the bottom of the page to read about how limestone can be used in construction, protecting the environment, and the future of the limestone industry.
Learn about how limestone from Missouri played a part in the construction of the Missouri state capitol in Jefferson City.
This site includes detailed information about minerals found in Missouri. Click on "Minerals Yearbook" for an alphabetical listing. The PDF and XLS formats links give yearly accounts and tables of where different quantities of minerals were found. NOTE: Some information might be difficult for students to understand, but can be used by teachers.
Read overviews of different types of minerals. Click on "More Information" to read detailed information regarding the background, name history, source locations, uses, substitutes, and photographs of minerals.
Learn about over 4,000 different types of minerals and their chemical properties. Browse thousands of pictures in the mineral image index.
Use this alphabetical index to search for minerals. For more detailed information, click on "extended mineral list."
Learn more about products made with minerals mined in Missouri as well as the role the mining industry plays within the state.
Learn brief information and view photos of 18 minerals found in counties throughout the state of Missouri.
Choose between a multimedia or print version of this site from the National Museum of Natural History that outlines details surrounding gems and minerals, rocks and mining.
This site shows photographs and descriptions of bricks mined from different types of materials in quarries around St. Louis. A chart is also listed showing the locations of clay and coal mines.
This seven-page PDF provides an overview of the history of coal mined in Missouri. Also included are maps and statistics.
Missouri K-8 teachers and administrators can learn more about attending a free summer workshop that provides resources about rocks, minerals, and other natural resources, which can be shared in the classroom.
Learn more about the history of mining throughout the Missouri Lead Belt. For more information, click on the "Additional Information" drop-down menu to read general information, view photos, and read about mining tools and equipment used.
Click on a state to learn more about the minerals mined across the United States.
Have fun with this geology word find, which can be played online or printed. Click the "rescramble" button for a new puzzle.
Learn about the natural resources in Missouri. Topics include minerals, plants, soil, springs, rivers, and animals. There are links to many separate eThemes on these topics.
These sites are about geology. Learn about the structure of the earth, rock cycle, soil formation, earthquakes, volcanoes, plate tectonics, cave formations, sea floor spreading, and more. There are animations, quizzes, photographs, experiments, and models. There are links to eThemes Resources on Layers of the Earth, Continental Drift, Rocks and Minerals, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Science Experiments: Earth Science.

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