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Country: Vatican City

These sites are about the State of the Vatican City, the smallest independent nation on Earth. Here you can read about the Papacy, learn about the history and architecture of the Vatican, listen to a recording of the Vatican’s national anthem, see some of the famous works of art housed there, or take a virtual tour of its museums and basilicas. Included is an eThemes resource about Italy.


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This is the Vatican's official website. Explore the links to learn more about the Vatican archives, library, museums, and the latest news. Here you will find in-depth information on the Catholic Church, numerous pictures, and contact information.
Learn several facts about Vatican City including information about the economy, government, population, geography, and see a map.
On this site students can learn about the history of the Vatican Museums, read about the artwork, view selected works of art, or take an interactive virtual tour of the Museums.
The Vatican Observatory is one of the oldest astronomical research institutions in the world. On this site, students can read about the history of the Observatory and the research that goes on there, learn about the telescopes they use, and see images of the heavens captured through those same telescopes.
This site contains many quick facts about Vatican City, information about the papal government, and links to the official media sources. There is also an audio file of the National Anthem and several video files about the Pope. NOTE: The 'Talk' link leads to message boards.
Read about the architectural structure and history of the famous dome of St. Peter's.
This site has many images of St. Peter's Basilica, including historical engravings and a 3D model that you can download. NOTE: The 3D model requires a download of DesignWorkshop software to view. NOTE: This site contains sponsored links.
This atlas article includes a map of Vatican City and links to further information. The Almanac link contains up-to-date information on the Government, Economy, Population, and Culture, and the Encyclopedia link has in-depth entries about the economy, government, and history. NOTE: The site contains banner ads.
Use the links below the image to open up a version of the map to print.
This site has detailed information about the Vatican, including St. Peter's Basilica, the Swiss Guard, and the Secret Archives. There is also an activity guide. NOTE: This site includes banner ads.
This site has much information about the art of the Sistine Chapel, including biographies of the artists and many detailed pictures to explore. There is a clickable map of the ceiling frescoes by Michaelangelo. You can also send an electronic postcard of many of the images. NOTE: Reading level is for older students.
This site contains in-depth, detailed information about the Vatican and the Papacy. NOTE: Reading level is too advanced for younger students, but provides helpful background information for teachers. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Read an article that explains how the Papacy works, including the complex process of electing a new pope. A short video can also be watched that briefly discusses the papacy. NOTE: Reading level is too advanced for younger students, but this is good background information for teachers. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This site has a brief article about the Vatican, including a picture of the Sistine Chapel ceiling. There is a link to more information about the art of Michelangelo and a chronology of Popes up to John Paul II.
These sites introduce the country of Italy. There is information on Italy's history, culture, art, traditions, cuisine, cars, and more. You can listen to a recording of the National Anthem, take a virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel, view an interactive map, or read about the history of pizza.

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