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Plants: Carnivorous

Descriptions, images, habitats, and life histories of various carnivorous plant species. Most sites include graphics.


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Read about the different types of carnivorous plants, how they catch meals, and how they digest their food. NOTE: This site includes banner and other ads.
The site for carnivorous plant information. This site answers lots of common questions about carnivorous plants, including what is the largest carnivorous plant species. Click in the question you want answered.
A simple, student-designed website about carnivorous plants. See pictures and learn about their habitats and families.
Description, habitat, and caresheet for the well-known carnivorous plant.
New Jersey is the native home for rare flowers and carnivorous plants. See pictures of them.
This site is filled with photos of carnivorous plants and their habitats. Click on a floor, then a room to see photos of carnivorous plants. NOTE: This site includes a web ring link.
Lots more information and photos of wetlands in the U.S.
This is a popular store and commercial site that sells cultured plants. "Venus Flytrap Growing Tips" gives lost of useful information about how they eat.
Information on different species of plants as well as their parts and functions.
Sites that focus on germination, pollination,and photosynthesis in plants. Also hands-on experiments that demonstrate the characteristics of plants as well as online activities. Includes soil information.

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