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These sites have lots of information about the history of shoes, along with lesson plans with activity ideas relating to shoes. There are interactive sites, audio and video, numerous pictures, and information on all types of shoes.


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Here is an illustrated, interactive site to help students learn to tie their shoes. Included are games and a story about learning to tie shoes.
This interactive site helps students learn about shoes worn by different cultures in the past. After the introduction, choose "Collection" and then go from there to learn about different styles of shoes. Includes Indian shoes, history of Western civilization, and much more.
This Thinkquest site has some information on wooden shoes, including who wears them, why they are worn, and how to make them.
On this shoemaker's Web site, students can watch how shoes are handmade. Choose the link "Shoes for the 21st Century." The video is approximately 5 minutes.
This is a lesson plan intended for early childhood teachers. Students will evaluate and analyze shoes of all sorts including those worn in different work settings and even their own shoes. Includes activities and related book titles.
"Students across the United States and the world joined fifth-grade students from Connecticut to count the number of metal eyelets on their shoes. The collected data is being compared, graphed, and calculated! Included: The skills this worldwide Internet project promotes."
A lesson plan on shoes, where students predict and graph the number of eyelets on their classmates' shoes.
Have students read this script on different types of shoes aloud.
"In this lesson, students measure the length of their feet and shoes using nonstandard measurements."



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