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Teaching Tips: Learning Style Inventories

These sites have free online assessments for discovering students’ learning styles. There are descriptions about various learning styles, including Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory. Also includes an article that criticizes learning style theory.


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This site explains Howard Gardner's multiple intelligence theory. Scroll down to the interactive activity. Click on this and answer the questions to find out which areas are your strongest/weakest. When you are done, roll your mouse over the colored bars to read your results. Also includes transcripts from online chats and a list of resources.
This is a test for multiple intelligences that can be printed out and completed.
This site describes seven learning styles in text that elementary students can understand. Click on "Multiple Intelligences Survey" on the right side of the page to find out your learning style. The assessment includes a bar chart for graphing the results.
This hyperlinked article contains in-depth information on cognitive learning styles. There are linked references to related concepts and theories and other scholarly research in this area.
This is a test of learning styles that can be filled out online. The results of the test can then be printed out.
This article, written for students and parents, defines and describes three different learning styles: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.
Education researchers Howard Gardener and E.D. Hirsch discuss the meaning and goals of education. This Talk of the Nation episode first aired on May 5, 1999.
Howard Gardner and Daniel Goleman join NPR for a discussion about the importance of high emotional intelligence. This program first aired on Jun 23, 1997.

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