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Literature: "Stone Fox" by John Reynolds Gardiner

These sites relate to the book “Stone Fox” by John Reynolds Gardiner. Try the online quizzes. Includes related subjects such as Wyoming, sled dogs, and potato farming.


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This 52 page PDF includes chapter activities, vocabulary exercises, and more.
This resource has information about John Reynolds Gardiner, potato farming, Wyoming, Samoyeds, Shoshone Indians, vocabulary, and chapter questions.
In this lesson, students use the book "Stone Fox" to understand income, capital, saving, taxes, and credit. Includes: vocabulary, objectives, materials required, procedure, closure, assessment, and extension.
This lesson plan for John Reynolds Gardiner's "Stone Fox" includes: summary, preparation, as you read, extending Geography skills, and making connections.
This page has a collection of lesson plans relating to the book.
This page has classroom activity ideas and includes a form for students to fill out as they brainstorm ideas to save Grandfather's farm.
Take these vocabulary lessons and learn more new words in the book.
This lesson explores the concept of courage, and students are asked to consider how individuals can demonstrate courage through their everyday actions. Includes: overview, standards, resources and preparation, instructional plan, and related resources.
This is a Web site about the state of Wyoming. Check out "Virtual Tour," "About Wyoming," and "Kid's Page" on the left-hand side.
Do you want to grow potatoes in your garden? Visit the page and learn "When to Plant," "How to Care," and "How to Harvest." The page also includes some common questions about growing potatoes.
Find out what it takes for a dog to pull a sled.
Diagrams about dog sledding that explain the parts of the equipment and the dog sled rigging.
This eThemes resource contains information about the race and its history, basic dogsledding information, and more.

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