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Native Americans: Adobe Houses

These sites show different views of adobe houses and the types of bricks used to construct these houses. Includes instructions for building an adobe house model and also how to make an adobe bricks.


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Here is a short article about adobe construction. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This article covers the history of brick making. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Image of a man making adobe bricks.
Here is a nice collection of images from the Taos Pueblo in Taos, New Mexico. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Follow the process step-by-step as students learn to construct an office building made of adobe.
The article covers the history and present structure of adobe houses. NOTE: This page includes banner ads.
This page has a description of adobe such includes what is it made from and more. There are also links to other websites related to the topic.
This page has information about how to make adobe bricks step-by-step. NOTE: Site includes banner ads.
This information describes an adobe house, how to build an adobe house, and information on adobe bricks. NOTE: This site includes a pop-up.
This article explains the differences between adobe, rammed earth, and cob construction.
Here is a brief description of adobe buildings. Click "Take a Closer Look" to learn more about how adobe is made.
Here are simple illustrated instructions for making adobe bricks.
This is a longer article about building with natural materials and includes some pros and cons of building with adobe or mud bricks.
Learn about traditional and modern adobe on this webpage.

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