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Literature: "Grandfather's Journey" by Allen Say

These sites include information and activities relating to the book “Grandfather’s Journey.” as well as biographies on author Allen Say. Includes lesson plans, quizzes, and activity ideas. There are also links to eThemes Resources on Japan, family, and immigration.


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There are author biography and a list of his work. Includes interview transcripts, acceptance speech, and book reviews.
This is a good site for finding out more about author Allen Say.
Share this brief book trailer with your students.
The author discusses his writing and love of storytelling. He talks about working as an illustrator and his interest in cartooning.
Use the online tool, Graphic Map, with students to create a family map or timeline of important and/or memorable events. A list of read-aloud books about family memories including "Grandfather's Journey is provided.
Show students these illustrated book reviews of "Grandfather's Journey". Students may want to write and illustrate their own book reviews.
Introduce students to oral history and conduct research with members of their families or in the community. A grade level modification for K-2 involves using "Grandfather's Journey".
Use these prompts to have a thoughtful discussion session after reading "Grandfather's Journey".
In this activity, students use various search engines to gather facts about the author and his work. Students write a book review about "Grandfather's Journey" using a template from Spaghetti Book Club website.
This page has cross-curricular activities that go along with the book. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This page has discussion topics and activity ideas to use in classrooms.
This PowerPoint Slides have activities that can be used with the whole class.
These websites are about families. Children can learn about the different types of families that there are in the world. There are many student activities such as make a family tree, paint a family portrait, or make a poster about how they celebrate special occasions in their families. There is also an eThemes Resource about grandparents.
These sites discuss obstacles that immigrants encounter in the United States. Topics like exploitation, employment differences, housing problems, cultural obstacles, language barriers, and equity issues are covered.
These sites have information about Japan's history, geography, language, education, and culture. Students can learn about samurai warriors, read haiku poetry, or see how rice is traditionally grown. There are maps, photographs, printouts, and more. Included is an eThemes resource on Asia.

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