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Performing Arts: Drama

These sites explore the theater and acting. There are several ideas for using plays and acting in the classroom. Learn about the history of the theater and common theater terminology. Includes warm-up activities and scripts to use in the classroom. An eThemes Resource on Readers Theater and Shakespeare is linked.


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A selection of eight different scripts submitted by students to read. NOTE: The site includes ads. NOTE: The site has a link to a guestbook.
This is an informative site about teaching drama to grades K-7. It includes considerations and ideas for performance.
This site contains several lesson plans that focus on drama. Plays are included as well.
Students can learn about the Broadway musical of the 20th century. Click on "For Teachers" for lesson plans.
Read the various plays submitted by others and submit your own script.
The warm-up activity ideas can help students practice their acting skills.
"The American Variety Stage is a multimedia anthology selected from various Library of Congress holdings." View images, videos, and listen to audio recordings.
Learn about stage architecture, lighting, stage craft, sound design, and much more.
Explore this archive of Broadway theatre information. Check out the current shows.
This Los Angeles revue existed from 1941 until 1956. Enjoy the vintage photographs of the marionettes and famous actors.
Click on "About" for vintage photographs of the theater.
These sites are about readers theater. Learn how to use readers theater in the classroom to promote an interest in literature. There are tips on how to adapt stories to scripts. Includes many sample scripts.
Learn about William Shakespeare, the places he lived, and the time period he lived in. Read the full text of some of his most popular works. Make a virtual visit to Anne Hathaway's cottage or Stratford-Upon-Avon. Try an interactive quiz to test your knowledge of Shakespeare, plus try to identify which words he invented. Visit an old Renaissance town and see what life was like in Shakespeare's time.

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