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These websites are about the earth’s seasons and why they occur. Learn about weather conditions, why seasons change, and effects of seasons on living things. There are animations, worksheets, interactive quizzes, a webquest, and lesson plans. One site allows you to send seasonal e-Cards to your friends. Includes links to eThemes Resources on winter, spring, summer, and autumn.


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This lesson plan includes a video about the Earth's seasons, as well as interactive components, a list of the dates and times of the solstices & equinoxes, and classroom activities.
This explanation of why we have seasons includes an animation and several diagrams. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Read about the causes of the earth's seasons. Click on "Take a Quiz on the Seasons" for a short quiz. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Find out how the distance from the earth to the sun affects the seasons.
Watch a movie by Tim and Moby explaining about seasons and what causes changing season. Includes activities and a quiz at the end of the movie. NOTE: A subscription is required.
Create your own postcard or look at pictures of postcards other people have made.
Test your knowledge of the seasons by answering this 30 question quiz. Solutions are provided in a drop down list box. NOTE: The site has links that lead to ads.
This is a lesson plan for sixth grade students about why the seasons occur.
This word document is a hands-on activity for students to create a model of earth and learn how the different seasons occur.
Find out how many seasons other planets in the solar system have and when different the seasons begin and end. For detail explanation, click on links at the bottom of a page.
In this activity, students will write a myth about why the seasons change. Includes links to the Greek myth about why the seasons occur.
Drag the name of a season to the correct picture. NOTE: This game is for younger students.
In this webquest is designed for second graders. Students will research the four seasons and related crafts and holidays for the season, and then create a travel brochure.
These websites are about the summer season. There are information, games, worksheets, lesson plans, and crafts. Includes information about the sun, sunburns, camping, and more.
These websites have autumn crafts, activities, and games. There are interactive quizzes, printable worksheets and activities, recipes, and fall poems.
These websites include information about why tree leaves change colors in Autumn. The different webpages include explanations for elementary school students up to high school students. There are animations, lesson plans, games, and more.
These sites cover the fall season and related topics such as apples, pumpkins, autumnal equinox, and leaves. Also learn how other cultures celebrate fall.
These sites have information about the winter solstice - the first day of astronomical winter. Students can learn how the Earth's tilt and orbital motion influence the length of days and nights. Students can also find the history of pagan and Christian traditions and rituals of celebration that day. The sites include photographs, schematics, animation.
Learn about the spring and fall equinox. Find out why day and night are equal on those days. Learn about equinox traditions and rituals. Learn whether the statement about being able to balance an egg on its end during the equinox is true. Includes photographs, images, quiz, and an animation.
These sites include activities, games, and information about winter. There are interactive games in which you can build a snowman or make a snowflake. There is information about winter sports and how animals deal with the winter cold.
These sites have spring crafts, worksheets, and lesson plans. One link is a slide show created by elementary school students.

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