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Literature: "Shiloh" by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

These links are about the book “Shiloh” and author Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. There are discussion questions, reviews, activities, and online quizzes. Watch Phyllis Reynolds Naylor describe how she met the original dog for her book, “Shiloh” along with her life as a writer. One link leads to information about the movie “Shiloh.” Also includes maps of West Virginia and the culture of the Appalachians.


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Watch these brief videos to learn about the dog that inspired the book, "Shiloh". There are several short videos which you can select from to learn about Phyllis Reynolds Naylor.
This lesson from ReadWriteThink provides activities for students to compare a book to a movie made from the book. Ideas for Reader's Theatre are also included.
Try these online activities. Includes interactive quizzes, crossword puzzles, crafts, and more. NOTE: Many of the links to outside resources are broken.
Here is a review of the book. Click on "Guided Reading Opportunities in Good Literature" at the bottom of the review for an activity to go along with the book.
This is a discussion guide for the book. NOTE: The discussion questions contain spoilers.
This 22 page PDF file is a study guide for the book. Includes pre-reading activities, worksheets, and worksheets on related books and stories.
This Scholastic website includes a discussion guide, extension activity, and vocabulary builder for the book.
Find out more about West Virginia, including state symbols, population, and major industries.
Plotlines of books and authors that focus on the Appalachian region. Also, an explanation on how to do webbing for outlining and organizing brainstorming results.
Click on "Map of Appalachia" to see the states that make up the Appalachian Region.

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