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Egypt: Pyramids

Explore these sites to learn about the ancient Egyptian pyramids. Includes illustrations and interactive sites. There are links to eThemes Resources on angles and triangles, Modern Egypt, and ancient culture.


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Read all about pyramids through NOVA's pyramid site. Included are information about pyramids, an interactive tour through a pyramid, quiz questions, and some ideas for lesson plans.
Learn why each of the three Great Pyramids is different from the others and find out how the King Tut's tomb was discovered.
Learn about the different pyramids and temples of Egypt. Included in the site are pictures, diagrams, and maps.
Find out why Egyptian pyramids are true pyramids compared to pyramids built by other cultures. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Learn most accepted theory by Donald Redford on how the pyramids were built. NOTE: This site includes links to social networking sites.
Watch a 3D visualization of one of many theories about construction of the Great Pyramid of Khufu. Follow the clues to solve the mystery of the pyramid. NOTE: The site requires high bandwidth.
Visit a pyramid complex. This interactive site includes lots of diagrams and pictures of a pyramid in Egypt. To view close-ups of a section, choose a number on the pyramid.
Find out more about the sphinx that sat with the great pyramid for a long time. NOTE: This site has a link that leads to a discussion board.
This site provides information from the first pyramid to the last pyramid. Photos, diagrams, and facts are included. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This is an overview of the history of Egyptian pyramids from Encyclopedia Smithsonian.
Read about criteria for selecting a site and materials used to build a pyramid.
Learn about insulating the pyramid, and the effect that insulation has temperature.
This interactive game helps to understand different decisions and processes involved in building a pyramid. NOTE: This site has a link that leads to a discussion board.
This site provides information about who were the pyramid builders. NOTE: This site has a link leads to a discussion board.
Learn about mastership of stonework required for building the pyramids. Read history of the construction and mysteries of ancient pyramids, temples, and the Sphinx.
Learn about symbolic meaning of Egyptian pyramids and how they were built. Explore pyramids' structure and layout. Select "Challenge" link to estimate height, area, and weight of The Great Pyramid of Khufu.
This lesson plan is designed for seventh graders and involves students in critical thinking activities in order to identify building process of the pyramids with use of ancient tools.
This resource was created with emphasis on ancient Egypt. There is a lot of information which may be useful when studying Egypt. Several links in this resource are related to pyramids.
These sites are about ancient Egyptian tombs and mummies. Includes information about the tombs of Pharaohs, craftsmen, scribes, and workers in/near the pyramids and the Valley of the Kings, as well as sites on Egyptian religion, burial practices, and beliefs about the afterlife. Also includes games, a quiz, and student-created websites. There are also links to the related eThemes Resources about ancient Egypt and the pyramids.
Information about the people, popular attractions, foods, entertainment, and culture of modern Egypt. Sites contain images, video, and audio.
These sites are about angles and triangles. See examples of acute, obtuse, and right angles as well as examples of equilateral, isosceles, and scalene triangles. Many sites include interactive Java and quizzes.

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