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Ecosystems: Animal Survival

Learn how Earth’s natural processes and people’s activities affect the ecosystems and animal world. Find out how well different species adapt to new conditions and fight for survival. Learn about endangered animals and projects for their protection. Includes links to eThemes resources about endangered species, animal survival adaptation, habitats and their threats, pollution, and more.


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Choose thumbnails to explore various biomes and ecosystems. While reading about them, pay attention to links at the left that warn about present dangers of ecosystems, animal species, and how people can help them to survive.
Read this article and learn how some plants and animals can migrate across the world using plastic bottles. Includes an in-class activity.
Find out how crocodiles survived for 200 million years continually adapting to new conditions.
Learn about river otters and their fight for survival. NOTE: This site includes user comments and links to social networking sites.
Read about one of the smallest birds on Earth - the kiwi. Learn about the different varieties of this bird and why this bird is in danger.
Learn what kind of danger sea turtles face. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Learn more about the African buffalo that is currently in danger. NOTE: This site leads to YouTube and other social networking sites.
This lesson plan helps students understand animals needs in order to survive. Includes a printable activity sheet.
These sites are about the behaviors and physical traits that enable animals to survive in their environments. Topics include camouflage, mimicry, and natural selection.
These sites have descriptions of endangered species and include explanations for why certain animals are in peril. There are graphic organizers and Venn diagrams. Includes links to many eThemes Resources on habitats and specific endangered animals, such as lemurs, cheetahs, chimpanzees, tigers, and more.
This resource covers the different ecosystems on our planet. Find out how these biomes differ, what characteristics make them unique, and where they are located. Includes a map of the different habitats found in Missouri and information about habitats in Utah. There are links to eThemes Resources on specific habitats and animal food chains, plus an eMINTS WebQuest.
Learn about the ecological problems facing many forests. The issues include acid rain, air pollution, logging, tree diseases, and more. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on forests.
These sites are about natural selection, adaptation, and human impacts on biodiversity. Includes interactive games and videos. Also includes links to the more general resources on animal adaptations and ecosystems.
These sites are about different forms of pollution and how it affects our environment. Topics include water quality, acid rain, smog, oil spills, and more. There are online games, classroom activities, and maps. Includes links to eThemes Resource on the greenhouse effect, recycling, and Earth Day.

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