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Egypt: Modern Culture and Lifestyle

These sites have information about the people, popular attractions, foods, entertainment, and culture of modern Egypt. There are links to eThemes Resources on Egyptian Pyramids, Culture Around the World, and Ancient Cultures.


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Here is comprehensive information about the country's background, geography, population, government, and economy. Includes a political map.
Search this Library of Congress site for information about Egypt. Many aspects of Egypt are included. There are a few pictures, some of which are in a printable PDF format.
Read about history of Egypt and find out about the country's current cultural, religious, and economic state. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Learn about life in Egypt as it is told by a ten-year old Kerula from Cairo, Egypt.
This three-page PDF file has a brief overview of modern Egypt and includes questions testing students' comprehension.
Read about the capital of Egypt,Cairo, on this three-page PDF and answer seven questions on the text comprehension.
Print out and color this PDF page with a map of Egypt.
Learn about colors of the Egyptian flag and select other printouts to color and label the Egyptian borders and neighboring countries. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Print out this one-page PDF coloring page with the flag of Egypt.
Read history of Egypt and select links below to tour its modern cities. NOTE: The site has links to websites with ads.
This is a tour of Egypt created for kids. Learn about modern life of children in Egypt. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Common recipes in modern Egypt and a history of Egyptian food. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This site contains information on Ancient Egyptian culture, society, and geography.
A variety of sites to help in discovering and learning about Egypt and the Pyramids. Includes lots of illustrations and interactive opportunities.

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