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Food: Recipes From Around the World

Learn about the different types of food eaten around the world. There are recipes from many places including Korea, China, England, Mexico, Italy, Japan, and Africa. Read about cooking safety and dining etiquette, plus watch videos of master chefs preparing a meal. There are also some math activities.


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Read about different cultural objects that are used to prepare food and find out some favorite recipes from people around the world.
This page has a short explanation of the traditional food eaten for China's New Year celebration.
This site has a brief introduction to British daily food, including a glossary of typical English food. Find out what is in "bangers and mash."
The page has information on some popular Japanese dishes. Includes photos and recipes.
This is a good site that introduces nine African countries and then provides information on the country, meal preparation tips, customs, shopping lists, and recipes.
This is an extensive list of traditional Native American recipes organized by food groups.
Recipes from many countries as well as information about creole and cajun food.
This site has numerous recipes, including ethnic dishes. This page has ethnic and regional cookie recipes submitted by Web users. Click on the other food categories at left to search for more regional dishes.
This site has video clips of master chefs making dishes. Enter the site, then choose a category and watch the videos.
This site is about one of America's favorite foods - peanut butter. Find out its history, how it is made, and its nutritional value. Includes recipes and information on food allergies. The contest is only for people ages 18 or older.
This site shows that farmers around the world have a lot in common. Learn the history of food and agriculture.
Teach math by using the fractions that are often used in recipes. This is a table that will help you ask questions.
This is a word scramble using cooking terms.
Use this worksheet to write about the cuisine of a particular country.
These sites introduce a variety of foods from other countries that some Americans might find strange. These include dishes made from monkey brains, insects, and snakes. Includes some photographs and recipes. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on recipes from around the world.

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