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Science: Microscopes

Learn about the history of the microscope. Find out what organisms can be seen under the microscope’s lenses. Learn how many different types of microscope exist today and how to take care of the instrument. Includes photographs, microscopic images, hands-on activities, and an online game.


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Read about Antony Van Leeuwenhoek, a famous scientist who built and used microscopes in his work. Learn about his discoveries.
Print out this page and label the microscope. Click on the "Answers" to see the labeled diagram. NOTE: The site includes ads.
View photographs of old microscopes. Click on images to enlarge them.
This is the official web site of the company that produces brock magiscope for kids. Includes images, description, and price of the Model #70.
This is a fun interactive game. Drag specimens from the left into microscope's screen, try to identify it then drag and drop it into the assigned spot at the right. NOTE: The site may take take a few minutes to load.
This activity can teach kids how to use a microscope and observe changes in objects. Click on the Interactive Java Tutorial box to view online magnifications of a compact disk, Apollo 15 Moon rock, microprocessor, and other objects.
This page has step-by-step instructions how to use microscope.
During this activity kids can learn when to use compound and dissecting microscopes, what the relationship between the size of the observational instrument and the observed object is, select and use correct words in the text about microscopes.
This page has magnified black and white images of various objects.

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