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Holiday: Labor Day

These sites are about the Labor Day holiday. Includes the history of Labor Day, why it is important, crafts, and lesson plans. There are word search and word scramble activities. Links to eThemes resources on career exploration and child labor are included.


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Read a short essay that describes why Labor Day was created. NOTE: The links to outside resources are broken.
Read about the supposed founder of Labor Day, the first Labor Day, and more.
These are crafts for young students to do on Labor Day.
Here are links to encyclopedia articles on Labor Day and other related resources. Includes sections on "Labor Day History" and "Notable Labor Leaders." NOTE: The site includes pop-up and banner ads.
This one page PDF file contains some questions for a Labor Day scavenger hunt. Students can use the other eTheme resources to find the answers for the worksheet.
This one page PDF file is a word scramble for young students. All of the words are related to Labor Day.
This one page PDF file is a harder word scramble with words relating to occupations.
Find and circle the Labor Day words in this one page PDF file for young students.
Find and circle the Labor Day words in this one page PDF file.
This site contains information about careers. Students can explore different positions in fields such as medicine, military, architecture, and television. Learn about different jobs, the required skills, training, potential pay, and working conditions. Includes information about making a career plan. An eMINTS WebQuest on careers is linked.
These websites contain information about the history of child labor, and the child labor that still exists in the world today. Read about the different countries in which child labor occurs, what kind of work the children do, how much they are paid, and more. Includes maps, graphs, video clips, and interactive quizzes.

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