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Author Study: Peg Kehret

Biographical information about childrens adventure writer Peg Kehret. See a list of her books and synopses. Contains activities to go along with her book “Earthquake Terror” and information about U.S. Children’s Book Awards.


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Pioneer Drama Service is proud to represent plays by some of America's finest playwrights, composers, and lyricists. Find out how Kehret's interest in theatre led her to a career in writing.
This is a very informative site that includes a biography, contact information, frequently asked questions, and annotated lists of Peg's books. Click on "For Teachers" for Teacher Guides and Discussion questions about some of her books. NOTE: This site includes a blog.
Learn about Peg as a child in this biography.
Use these lesson plans to supplement some of Peg Kehret books. NOTE: This site includes ads and leads to other sites with ads.
Read a summary of the book "Earthquake Terror" and learn more about earthquakes by clicking on the related links. NOTE: Many of the links do not work.
This five-page PDF file was created by a student and reports on Kehret's autobiography "Small Steps: The Year I Got Polio." Additional information is given about polio and other books by Kehret.
Read this review of the book "The Ghost's Grave." NOTE: This site includes ads.
Follow this lesson plan to learn more about the book and also about tsunamis.
Read this review of the book "Abduction!" NOTE: This site includes ads.
Explore this comprehensive list of U. S. Children's Book Awards with links to the honored books for each award/category.

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