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Literature: "The Cay" by Theodore Taylor

The following web sites are dedicated to Theodore Taylor’s book The Cay. They include the author’s biography, historical overview and photographs of the Caribbean and Curacao Island, eThemes resources about World War II and hurricanes. The sites also include lesson plans, suggested activities, and teacher reviews.


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Learn about the author of The Cay. Follow links to find out interesting facts about Theodore Taylor and his other books. Includes images, FAQ's, and Students Comments. NOTE: The reading level may be better for older students.
This site is organized by book chapters and provides activities suggested by a middle-school teacher.
This site has quizzes and activities designed for each chapter of the book. NOTE: The site includes ads.
The theme of this lesson plan is to learn different cultures and races. Use suggestions and ideas from this page for in class discussions about American, Caribbean, European, and African cultures.
Explore links on this page to learn about Caribbean countries, territories and dependencies. NOTE: The site includes pop-up and banner ads.
Here is a map of the Caribbean.
This page has information about coral reefs: their formation and where and how they grow.
Here students can learn about World War II U-Boats that were mentioned by the author in The Cay. Includes photographs and FAQ.
Find information about German submarines and how some were used by the American and British navy during World War II.
These sites cover the events of World War II (1939-1945). There are several first-hand accounts in text and audio from people involved in the war effort. Other topics include life on the homefront, the role of women, and the type of airplanes and weapons used. Includes biographies, letters, images, posters, video, and audio clips.
These sites are all about hurricanes. Watch videos on how they form and see photos that show a hurricane's aftermath. Also, view weather maps and learn how to track a hurricane. Includes tips on how to prepare for this dangerous weather.

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