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Explorers: Mountain Men

These sites have information about mountain men who helped developed the old West. Learn about their lives, adventures, and fur trading. Included are journals, diaries, historical overviews, authentic photographs, and maps.


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This site is dedicated to mountain men. It includes biographies and descriptions of activities about several famous mountain men. It also includes historical photographs, maps, and paintings.
Explore links on this page to read about early Utah history and learn about famous Utah explorers and fur trappers. Includes biographies of Jim Bridger, John Fremont, Peter Skene Ogden, John Wesley Powell, Etienne Provost, and others.
Learn about origins of mountain men, their trades and main activities of hunting and fur trading. NOTE: The site includes pop-up and banner ads.
This web site provides a brief definition of mountain men and what activities they were involved in. Includes biographies and images.
This site contains a brief historic overview of the mountain men era and their trade - fur trapping. Click on hyperlinks in the text to learn about Joe Meek, a famous mountain man, and view a Yellowstone Plateau map. Click on "Mountain Men" to view a time line of the key events of the West.
Read this discussion of historians about value and historical importance of mountain men and their trade in the North West and North America.
Learn about several mountain men who were operating out of Utah under Major Powell's expedition. To learn more scroll down the page and select the "Timeline" and "Maps" links. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Learn about the main activity of mountain men - fur trapping. This site has detailed geographic information about the areas of mountain men and Native Americans' activities in fur trapping. Includes photographs.
This is a web site for the museum of the Mountain Man. Read about exhibit items from the era of mounting men and learn their historical background. Click on photographs to enlarge them.
Follow links on this page to view items that were traded by mountain men.
Read about an American explorer Kit Carson. Find out what landmarks are named after him. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Here is a biography of Kit Carson. Click on links at the left to read about other explorers and fur trappers.
Read a biography of a Missouri-based mountain men, Jim Bridger.
This is a biography of a Missouri fur trader, William Ashley. The site contains his diary, letters and business records.
Learn about life and exploration of John Wesley Powell. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Read the actual diary of a mountain man traveling across the country. While the page does not contain illustrations, the text describes a journey and provides information about what mountain people had to deal with on a daily basis. NOTE: The reading level is for older students.
Osborne Russell wrote this journal of a trapper, a historical account of the 19th Century life in the West and activities of the local population. NOTE: The reading level is for older students.
Learn more about African American frontiersman Jim Beckwourth and read about the trail he established and fellow mountain men he knew.
This site features, extensive information about the history of mountain men, a gallery of images, and a virtual museum showing artifacts used by mountain men. NOTE: This site includes a link to an e-mail discussion group.

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