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Questioning Skills: Thick and Thin Questions

These sites provide information on thick and thin questioning. Learn the difference between thick and thin questions as well as how to generate these questions. There are lesson plans, printable posters, and worksheets. Includes eThemes Resources on Reading Strategies for Elementary Students and Teaching Tips: Questioning.


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This downloadable and printable PDF includes ideas for introducing thin and thick questions to students.
This site provides suggested activities for students to practice composing thin and thick questions through individual and group reading.
This PDF file includes an activity for teaching students about thick and thin questions.
Download thick and thin question posters to use with reading activities or get prompts for asking thick questions on this site.
Here are some examples of how to teach students to develop questioning skills in classroom. Includes video clips at the bottom of a page.
A two-page pdf file provides suggested questioning ideas to use in classroom.
An eight-page pdf is a lesson plan for teaching thick questions to students. Includes examples of thick questions, worksheets, and rubric.
These websites contain reading strategies to help elementary school students become good readers. Some websites simply list strategies and some include activities to help students learn. One website compares good reading with poor reading. Some websites are written for students who are having trouble learning to read.
These sites provide information to improve student's questioning skills. Learn how to ask good questions and how those questions improve learning. Includes activities to practice questioning skills and examples of good questions.

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