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Famous Americans: Australian Connections

These sites focus on famous Americans who have Australian connections. Learn about their contributions, achievements, and biographies. Includes photos, interview transcripts, and video clips. There are links to eThemes Resources on Australian Aborigines and Continent: Australia.


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Rupert Murdoch who built one of the largest media empires in the world with interests in television, film, pay TV, the Internet, newspapers, and publishing. He is the major shareholder and managing director of News Corporation. Note: This site has links lead to external site.
Learn about life, career path, and achievement of the great golfer who got the nickname of "the Great White Shark". Includes photos and golf tips. Note: This site includes ads.
Learn about famous actress who has starred in many movies and won prominent awards. This site includes career, personal life, and award highlights. Note: This site includes ads and links to external sites.
Read about career success of Olivia Newton John, an actress and famous singer in U.S.
Type in a name of an Australian to read a biography on his/her life. Note: This site includes ads.
Read a story of Austrian-born American motion-picture scenarist, director, and producer. Note: There are links to external sites.
This site has information about Australian born American basketball player in the NBA. Includes biography, photos, and video clips. Note: This site has discussion board and ads.
Read about actor and movie director Mel Gibson and his connections to living in Australia. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This site features a lengthy list of famous Australians or those who have made an impact on Australian history and culture.
Learn more about Australian aviator Bert Hinkler and view photos of his airplanes.
Learn more about country music singer-songwriter Keith Urban and how his Australian upbringing impacts his music today. NOTE: This site leads to sites where you can download music.
These sites are about the art and culture of the Australian Aborigines. There are animations, lesson plans, and pictures, as well as information about bark painting, Dreamtime stories, and the didjeridu instrument. Some sites have audio files so students can listen to the didjeridu. There are also two maps of the Aborigine land. Includes a link to an eTheme on Australia.
These sites have information about Australia, including its animals, geography, climate, and history. Includes photographs, maps, quizzes, and games, plus a virtual tour of the Sydney Opera House and a live Webcam that you can control. Also includes a link to eThemes Resources on koalas and the Olympics.

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