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Famous Americans: South American Connections

These sites give biographical information and contributed works of famous people living in the United States who have ethnic ties to South America. Includes photographs, video clips, and audios. There are links to the eThemes Resources on Famous Latin Americans, Famous North Americans, and Famous People: Eva and Juan Peron from Argentina.


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Learn about personal life and works of Isabel Allende, a Chile-born writer and educator who has worked and lived in the United States. Includes biography, photo album, timeline, interviews, speeches, lectures, and more.
Learn about one the century's most powerful and respected labor movement leaders and co-founder of the United Farm Workers, Dolores Huerta.
This is an official site of Carlos Santana, a famous rock and roll singer of 60s until now. Includes photos, video, and audio samples.
Learn about a master architect and an educator who designed the world's tallest buildings, Petronas Towers, and many major public spaces such as such as the Commons of Columbus (1970-1973) in Columbus, Indiana, the Winter Garden at the World Financial Center (1980-1989) in New York, and Founders Hall (1987-1992) in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Carlos Alzaraqui is an American actor, comedian, impressionist and voice actor who was born in Argentina. Bibliography and his works are included. NOTE: This site includes discussion boards.
Click bio to learn more about is an Argentine-Chilean novelist, playwright, essayist, and human rights activist. Includes speeches, novels, poetry, and essays in both text and audio formats. Note: Some sections of fictions and films contain strong language and images. Teachers should review the site before using in classroom.
Learn about one of well-known talk-show host and journalist of 1970's-2000's. Includes information about biography and his works.
Type in a name of a South American to read a biography on his/her life. NOTE: This site has ads and a link to discussion board.
This site provides information about key events, achievements, and biography of the greatest Latino sport figures in the United States.
Learn more about Venezuelan general and South American liberator Simon Bolivar, with the country of Bolivia named in his honor.
These sites gives biographical information and contributed works from Latin Americans. See paintings, photographs, and video clips. Includes a link to the eThemes Resources on Latin American Culture.
These websites are about famous people from North America. There are actors, entertainers, scientists, and athletes, as well as general biographical research sources. Included are eThemes resources on famous African Americans and famous Latin Americans.
These sites are about former Argentine leaders Eva and Juan Peron. On these pages you can find information about their biographies, political careers, and the impact that they had on Argentine politics, economics, and society. There are audio files and interviews, images, and source documents, as well as background information on Argentina.

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