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Famous People: Composers

These websites are about famous music composers throughout history. Learn about Bach, Beethoven, the Gershwin brothers, and other famous composers. There are games, sound clips, and video clips. Includes links to eThemes on various music topics.


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This fun website has biographies and music clips from many famous composers.
Learn about American musicians Duke Ellington, Leonard Bernstein, and John Philip Sousa on this page.
Read about some famous composers on this website. Includes interviews with modern composers. Explore the links to find games, sound clips, and interviews.
Read, listen, and watch excerpts of interviews with prominent American music composers.
This student-created website includes reports about several composers.
Click on the links to learn about famous American composers.
Find out about composer Leroy Anderson, who wrote the famous winter song "Sleigh Ride." Includes video and audio clips of the composer.
Here is a biography of this famous composer. Includes drawings.
Explore the links to find out about the American composer. Includes photographs.
Here is a timeline of composer Aaron Copland's life. Explore the links to find photographs of his house.
Learn about the brothers and the music they composed. Click on "Enter Gershwin Site" to start exploring. Click on "Jukebox" to listen to many of their songs. The website requires Flash.
Try this memory game that uses famous composers.
This site is devoted to Charles Ives, an innovator of American music.
This site from the DSO allows you to listen to audio examples and read biographies of composers from different periods of music.
Compose your own music on this fun site. Click on tabs under The Music Lab to learn more about the elements that are needed to make music.
Learn more about this famous conductor of the New York Philharmonic and composer of "West Side Story." Explore links that discuss his work as a conductor, educator, composer, and other areas of his life. NOTE: This site leads to social networking sites.
Read about American experimental composer John Cage and his most famous work "4'33"." NOTE: This site includes user comments and links to social networking sites.
This site is devoted to British composer Gustav Holst. Click on "Compositions" to read about the different types of music he wrote. When available, click on the title of the piece to read about its inspiration. NOTE: This site includes a discussion forum.
Learn more about British 20th century composer Benjamin Britten from this music publisher site. "In Focus" describes his life and career in detail and "Work List" allows you to search for works through the different genres he composed.
Learn more about American composer John Williams, who is associated with his work in composing music for the films "Jaws," "Indiana Jones," "Star Wars," and "Harry Potter." NOTE: This site includes ads.
These websites give an overview of music terms. Learn about rhythm, pitch, and sheet music. Includes games, worksheets, and glossaries. There are links to eThemes on a variety of music topics.
These websites are about musical instruments. Hear the sounds that different instruments make, read about unusual instruments, and play games. There are links to various eTheme Resources on music topics.
These websites are about various modern genres of music. Learn about jazz, country, rock and roll, mariachi music, and more. Some website include audio and video clips and interactive timelines. There are links to various eTheme Resources on music topics.
Learn about Scott Joplin, his music, and ragtime. Some links include clips of his music. One link has radio shows about Joplin, black composers, and ragtime. Includes activities and games.

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