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Math: Fractions for First Grade

These sites focus on fractions for first grader students. There is information on identifying fractions and practice dividing fractional parts. Includes interactive sites, online games, visual manipulative, printable worksheets, and quizzes. There is also a link to eThemes Resource on Fractions.


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This site provides basic information about fractions. Includes interactive activities, quizzes and printable worksheets. NOTE: The "Talk" link leads to a discussion forum.
Learn about the basic concepts of fractions through an interactive game and visualization. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Scroll down to "Matching Fractions" for printable worksheets. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Print out these pages to make a fractions book for early readers. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This site provides printable clip art, flashcards, and worksheets for teaching fractions. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This page provides teaching ideas for teaching fractions with food. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Color in parts to make the fraction.
Count the parts and name the fraction.
Play a game to identify the correct fraction for the shaded part.
Choose the correct fraction representing each picture.
This site provides some samples of printable worksheets for fractions.
This page provides teaching ideas on how to introduce fraction concepts to students.
Scroll down to "eManipulatives" to find manipulatives that can use to teach and demonstrate basic concepts of fractions.
These sites explain how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions. There are several online tutorials and games. Topics include mixed numbers and simplifying fractions. Also includes some fraction word problems. There are links to eThemes Resources on hands-on math and decimals.

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