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Disability Awareness

These sites are about different types of disabilities and answers common questions children have. Learn how visual and hearing impaired people use Braille and American Sign Language. Also how the law protects people with disabilities. There is a link to eThemes Resource on American Sign Language.


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Common questions answered about blindness.
This ThinkQuest is about children who are blind, deaf, and autistic. Includes a glossary of vocabulary words.
This ThinkQuest is designed to teach students about disabilities. It covers visible and invisible handicaps. Includes pictures of people living with disabilities.
See pictures and read stories about how this law has helped people with disabilities.
Questions and answers about this important law that affects children with disabilities.
This site demonstrates sign language letters, numbers, and words for you to see. Click on the links at the top.
This exhibit tells about the lives of disabled people and the movement to treat them fairly. Click on a button to learn more.
This site allows you to learn more about people who are deaf. Includes videos and transcripts.
This lesson plan is created to help students understand about disabilities by putting students into the shoes of people with disabilities.
These sites help students learn basic American Sign Language. Includes animations, illustrations, lesson plans, and online games. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on disability awareness.

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