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Rivers: Missouri River

These sites are about the Missouri River, its past and present. See maps and photographs of the river as well as animals found in and around it. Includes information on Lewis and Clark, fur traders, and transportation. Also covers the issues surrounding the river and its endangered status. Some sites regarding the issues are intended for the teachers and may be too difficult for some students. There are links to eThemes Resources on the Lewis and Clark expedition and rivers.


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Includes an interactive mapping tool for locating river access points, tips on what to expect when paddling the river, resources and tools.
A 20 page pdf file with information, maps, and historical markers about Lewis and Clark's trip on the Missouri River.
Read about this industry that flourished 200 years ago in St. Louis.
See maps of the Missouri River from the past. Click on the map title to view it. Then click on the map to make it larger.
A historical look at how the fur trade worked in the United States.
Topics include animals, plants, environmental factors, natural features and ecosystems.
Brief encyclopedia explanations about the Missouri River, its course, history, and human impact. NOTE: The site includes ads.
A press release about the Missouri River being named the most endangered river in the United States.
A report that explains why barges should stop running on the Missouri River. Text may be too difficult for many students.
This outfitting company in Montana has some scenic photographs of the Missouri River. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This site is about the Missouri water trail. Find out about current Missouri river information, water trail information, endangered animals, and cultural sites along the river, and more.
Learn about Corps of Discovery led by Lewis and Clark and their journey that began in Missouri. View the Louisiana Purchase and other documents from that time period.
These sites are about rivers and how they are formed. Topics include streams, tributaries, deltas, floodplains, and sediment. There are vocabulary words, illustrations, activity ideas, and quizzes. Includes eThemes Resources on the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers.

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