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Classroom Design: Layout

Learn here how to plan a classroom layout, how to place furniture, and draw a floor plan. The sites include photographs and schematic drawings.


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Follow three simple steps to learn how to make an architectural floor plan of a classroom.
Here an example of computer lab or classroom layout.
This class activity is about designing a dream room. While working on the assignment, kids can learn how to plan, design, and draw a floor plan. The activity can be modified as a classroom layout design.
Find on this page suggestions about how to layout a computer classroom. Includes a diagram.
Read layout suggestions by a teacher and view designs of this classroom.
This is an example of kindergarten classroom layout. Includes schematic drawing and list of classroom equipment.
View this simple 40-seat capacity classroom layout.
Select the dimensions of your classroom and design your own floor plan. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This site includes four different floor plan samples: traditional classroom, discussions and debates, horseshoe, and one for centers. Click on the "see floor plan" link for the examples.
This site focuses on classrooms designed for the use of technology and for conference rooms. It also gives descriptions about types of eLearning technologies that would accompany computer use.
This is a collection of room designs, bulletin boards, and libraries where teachers can get ideas and share theirs with others. NOTE: The site has a blog.
This site provides six tips for things to remember when setting up a classroom. NOTE: This site includes ads and a user comment section.
This article discusses the role that the physical environment has on learning and tips to remember when arranging a classroom. NOTE: This site includes ads.



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