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Grammar: Commas

These websites teach about comma usage. Find out when to use commas and how to avoid comma splices. Includes interactive activities and quizzes to test students knowledge of comma use.


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This presentation talk about basics rules and purposes for comma usage: changing the meaning of a sentence/title, separating items in a list, breaking up longer sentences into smaller parts to make more sense, to separate extra information that is added, to break up groups of numbers into thousands, when writing a date, and inside quotation marks.
Here is another informative site about how to use commas. Includes several interactive exercises.
These are some basic rules for using commas. Includes examples.
This easy to understand list of comma rules includes examples.
Here are some suggestions for proofreading your writing to see if you used your commas correctly.
This site links to PDFs with activities for practicing using commas in a series.
This flash animation allows students to practice using commas in place of extraneous conjunctions in writing.
This online activity allows students to identify incorrect usage of commas.
In this interactive activity, students are given sentences that they are asked to rewrite by getting rid of excess conjunctions and using commas instead to create sentences containing lists.
This activity provides opportunity to practice guided instruction with students regarding using commas in lists.
Practice using commas appropriately in lists with this activity sheet.
Review general rules for comma usage with this practice activity.
Continue practice effectively using commas.
In this activity students practice identifying sentences that are missing commas.
This website includes many exercises for learning about comma use.
This one page PDF file is a printable worksheet to practice comma use.
Use this one page PDF file worksheet to practice commas, punctuation, and capital letters.
Here are links to printable worksheets for comma practice. The worksheets are divided by grade level.

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