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Literature: "A Year Down Yonder" by Richard Peck

These websites are about the book “A Year Down Yonder” and author Richard Peck. Included are biographies, interviews, lesson plans, and more. There are also links to related resources, such as a timeline of the Great Depression and a map of Illinois. There are links to related eTheme resources including resources on Historical Fiction, story elements, and grandparents.


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Here is a lesson plan for teaching the book. Includes links to an author biography and interview.
Here are discussion questions for the book. Some of the discussion questions contain spoilers, so make sure you read the book before looking at this website.
Click on the links listed below the picture of the book for many activities and lesson ideas. The "Richard Peck" link does not lead to information about the author, but information about another author. The "A Year Down Yonder" link is broken.
This timeline of the Great Depression was created by students.
Here is a more detailed timeline of the Great Depression from PBS.
This map of Illinois shows all of the cities and towns.
Learn more about the genre of historical fiction. There are definitions and listings of recommended children's books, plus lesson plans and classroom activities. Includes links to eThemes Resources on various historical fiction books.
These websites are about the book "A Long Way from Chicago" and the author Richard Peck. Includes biographies, interviews, lesson plans, book reviews, activity ideas, and more. There is a link to a booklist of other humorous books. Includes links to eThemes on text structure, character studies, story elements, and the 1930's.
These sites explain the different types of text structures that are used in expository writing. The text structures include chronological sequence, comparison/contrast, description, problem/solution, and cause and effect. Read examples of the different types, learn about the common cue words, and download graphic organizers. Includes many teaching tips for improving reading comprehension. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on graphic organizers.
These sites focus on character traits and include lists of adjectives that students can use to improve their writing. There are also many activity ideas for having students identify the traits of main characters in stories. Includes lesson plans, graphic organizers, and a link to an eThemes Resource on adjectives.
These sites have hands-on activities and graphic organizers to help students understand the different story elements, including plot, setting, and characterization. Also learn about sequencing and cause and effect. There are links to eThemes Resources on character traits, book activities, and graphic organizers.
These websites are about grandparents and their special relationships with their grandchildren. Includes lesson plans, printable activities, and booklists. There are also resources on dealing with the death of a grandparent. There are links to eTheme resources on Grandparents Day, Aging, and Interviewing Senior Citizens and Grandparents.
These sites are about the history and events of the 1930s. Learn more about the causes and effects of the Great Depression. There are many primary documents, including oral histories, photographs, newspaper articles, and audio files. Also includes maps and timelines. There are links to eThemes Resources on books set in the 1930s.

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