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Animals: Black Bears

These sites have many facts about black bears, including their diet, behavior, and habitat. Watch short movies about black bears, listen to audio files of their ferocious roars, and try the online quizzes and games. Includes a link to an eThemes Resource on food chains.


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This page offers a brief summary of the habitat, food, and enemies of the black bear.
Read black bear facts, listen to bear sounds, and look at images taken of bears in their dens.
This site has photographs and fact sheets about American black bears from BBC Online.
Learn fast facts about black bears. You can also read about what to do when you encounter a black bear.
Learn black bears' habitat and diet, plus watch some short movies. NOTE: This site contains Google ads.
This is an American black bear fact sheet.
This page has information about what Native Americans and early settlers thought about black bears.
Paint your black bear online and learn some basic knowledge about the animal.
Read facts about bears, take a quiz, and play online games.
Describes various food chains and webs. Includes consumer, producer, prey, and predator.

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