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Animals: Koalas

These sites have many facts about koalas, including their diet, behavior, and habitat. Find out why they should not be called “koala bears.” Includes movies, audio files, and online quizzes and games. There are also links to eThemes resources on Australia and the book “Koala Lou.”


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The site introduces basic facts about koalas, including their history, habitat, and food. Students can click on "Furry Photos" to see photographs and diagrams that can be downloaded.
See photographs of koalas. NOTE: These photographs are for sale.
Learn more koala facts. Includes an illustration that you can print out and color. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This site has a fun fact section, video clips, audio files, and maps of where these creatures can be found. This site is more suited for older students.
Includes information about the size, appearance, habitat, endangered status, life span, and diet of these eucalyptus leaf-eating marsupials.
This animated feature can help to explain the plight of the endangered koala to students.
Koalas are often called "Koala Bears" even though they are marsupials. This site allows you to learn more about this kind of animal. Listen to the "Sound Byte" of a koala.
Read this simple introduction and view pictures of koalas.
Scroll down the screen to play an online koala jigsaw puzzle. NOTE: The site includes ads and pop-up ads.
Students can view photographs and information on the koala. There are links to information on eucalyptus trees and marsupials. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Investigate "Koala Watch," "Koala Facts," and much more.
Learn facts, watch video, listen to audio, and see a map of where koalas live through this "Creature Feature." This site is more suitable for younger students.
These sites have information about Australia, including its animals, geography, climate, and history. Includes photos, maps, quizzes and games, plus a virtual tour of the Sydney Opera House.
These sites have suggested activities for the book "Koala Lou" and biographies on author Mem Fox. Includes an audio file of the author reading the book out loud.

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