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Animals: Panda Bears

These sites are about giant and red panda bears. Learn about their native habitats, what they eat, and why they are endangered. See live views of pandas through several Web cams, watch videos, and listen to audio clips of a panda bleating, honking, and barking. Includes links to eThemes Resources on endangered animals and China.


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This San Diego Zoo site has lots of information about giant pandas. See what the bears are up to with the "Panda Cam." Listen to the "Giant Panda Bleat" and the "Giant Panda Cub Whimper."
Learn about pandas and see them live with the "Panda Cam." Links on the left contain more information about pandas.
This interactive site tells about the homeland of the giant pandas, their bodies, giving birth, and more. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Click on "Get Wild" to enter this fun National Geographic site for kids to learn about giant pandas. There are facts, maps, audio, and video. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Learn about the pandas at the Atlanta Zoo. Includes a Panda Cam and lots of facts.
This site discusses conservation and protection of pandas.
Print out this 15-page activity book for students to learn about pandas. Also use the sites' links on the left for more information.
Students can try a quiz by clicking on "Panda Pearls" or try a puzzle by clicking on "Panda Scramble."
This article explains the difference between the giant panda and the red panda. This text may be too advanced for younger students, but there is good background information for teachers.
Print out this red panda for students to color.
The red panda lives in "Bhutan: the Last Shangri-la." Click on the left to view other animals of Bhutan.
Click on "Print Friendly Version" to print out this fact sheet.
These sites have descriptions of endangered species, including whales and sea turtles. There is also information about the reasons these animals are in peril.
Learn about China's geography, language, culture, food, and history. Take a virtual tour of the Great Wall or view numerous photographs of Chinese people and places. Try writing Chinese characters or listen to audio files of Chinese word pronunciations.

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