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Author Study: Paulette Bourgeois

These sites are about the author Paulette Bourgeois who wrote the book series “Franklin the Turtle”. Learn about author’s life and her work. Includes lesson plans, classroom activities, craft ideas, and interactive games to go along with the book series. There is also a link to eThemes Resource on sea turtles.


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This is the official website of author Paulette Bourgeois. Read this author's biography. Includes games, multimedia, and resources for classroom.
Click on "Audio: Story Reading" to listen to the author read one of the Franklin's books. Read about how Paulette Bourgeois became a children's book writer as well as her writing process. Get quick information about the author from Q&A and awards sections.
This site is specifically designed for the "Franklin the Turtle" series. There are online games, video, and coloring pages. Click on the "Characters" link to learn more about each character in the series.
This page has craft ideas and coloring pages to go along with the "Franklin the Turtle" books. NOTE: This site includes banner ads and pop-up ads.
See these suggested classroom questions to go along with the book. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Download a free trail version of the "Franklin the Turtle Goes to School" game to play. NOTE: This site includes ads.
See pictures from "Franklin's Secret Garden" which is inspired by "Franklin the Turtle".
Learn about the meaning of Thanksgiving by engaging in different activities including booktalk, graphing activity, and class Thanksgiving quilt. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Students will discuss story from the book focusing on concepts of love, kindness, and giving. NOTE: This site includes ads.
These sites have information about different species of sea turtles. Learn about their physical characteristics, behaviors, and habitats. There is also information about the Galapagos Islands and the endangered tortoises that live there. Includes videos, photographs, and an online game.

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