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Chemistry: Acids and Bases

These sites focus on acids and bases. Learn the difference between acids and bases and their chemical reactions. There are activities and experiments that help students to learn how to use pH scale and to classify materials as acids, bases, or neutral. There are virtual experiments, interactive games, experimental ideas, animated movies, and quizzes. Includes a link to eThemes Resources on mixtures and solutions.


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Miami Museum of Science provides many ideas for teachings kids about pH through these hands-on activities.
Read this brief information on how solutions can be classified as acids, bases or neutral.
Watch this movie by Tim and Moby explaining about the differences between acids and bases and a pH scale. Includes a quiz and an activity. NOTE: A subscription is required for this site.
Watch a movie to learn about acids and bases as well as how to measure pH. Includes a quiz at the end of the movie. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Play interactive games to learn about acids and bases in different types of liquids. NOTE: Flash player is required for this site.
See this table comparing the properties of acids and bases. Includes a short quiz.
Learn how acids, bases, and alkalis have chemical reactions on metals. Includes examples of acids and bases found at home and their uses in daily life. There is also an interactive experiment and a test at the bottom of a page. NOTE: This site contains a link to a message board.
In this virtual experiment, students will identify if items found in the kitchen are base, acid, or neutral. They will also learn to recognize that a mix between acids and baking soda will produce carbon dioxide.
Lean about acids and bases from a sherbet making experiment. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Scroll to Chapter 5 "Chemical Change" for downloadable activities on chemical reactions and acids and bases levels identification in substances. Includes molecular animations for the investigation. Student Activity Sheets and the entire chapter can be downloaded and printed. NOTE: This site has a link to discussion boards.
This experiment investigates pH of different mixed solutions.
Order items in a list from low (acidic) to high (basic) pH.
There are experiments on how to measure the pH of substances and how to determine the amount of acid in soil and streams.
Here are esay experiments to test the pH of various water samples.
This page has experiments on classifying solutions as acidic, neutral or alkaline as well as reactions of acids and alkalis. NOTE: Some experiements are appropriate for older students.
These sites provide information about the chemistry of mixtures and solutions. Learn what mixtures and solutions are made of, what their properties are, how to separate components of mixtures, and methods of separation. There are examples of mixtures encountered in daily life, classroom activities, experiments, interactive games, and animations. There is a link to eThemes Resources on Chromatography.

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