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Famous People: Jackie Robinson

Learn more about Jackie Robinson, his achievements in sports, and his involvement in the Civil Rights Movement. Includes biographies, photographs, and interviews. There are also some audio and video clips, plus links to eThemes Resources on the Negro Baseball League, famous black Americans, and a book about Jackie Robinson.


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There is an article on Jackie Robinson's baseball career, followed by some discussion questions.
Read the article about Jackie Robinson's life and some of his quotes.
Read the article and get to know Jackie Robinson's life, his career and his devotion.
There are some fact questions about Jackie Robinson, which will help you to know more about him.
Read this brief article about how Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier.
This is a timeline of Jackie Robinson's life.
The site includes collected resources on Jackie Robinson, the history of baseball, civil rights and other relevant themes.
Click on the links at the bottom to view several primary documents involving Jackie Robinson and Civil Rights.
Read the article and then click on "Take the cloze activity" to test your knowledge about Jackie Robinson.
Visit this student-created site about Jackie's life and his career. Click on the links at the bottom.
These sites have information about the teams and players in the Negro Baseball League. The history of the league is explained in text and timelines. Many sites have photos and biographies of these players.
These sites give biographical information on African Americans. See paintings and photographs and take an online quiz.

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