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Food: Unusual Dishes From Around the World

These sites introduce a variety of foods from other countries that some Americans might find strange. These include dishes made from monkey brains, insects, and snakes. Includes some photographs and recipes. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on recipes from around the world.


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How daring are you? Would you eat Amazonia ants, half-cooked fetal eggs, wriggly worms of all kind? Check out these can't miss dishes that were once on many a royal menu.
Explore the unusual and varied foods that are considered delicacies around the world. NOTE: This site includes pop-up ads. NOTE: This site includes ads. NOTE: This site includes a discussion board. (forum, message board, etc.)
This page has a list of countries and the unusual food that the inhabitants eat. NOTE: This site contains ads and a message board.
Read messages from kids about strange food they have eaten. Click on the link under "More Info" to watch a video about a restaurant serving insects.
Introduce various hot pots around the world.
Read about some Japanese foods that Americans might find strange. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This site was made by a South African man and offers his humorous instructions for making biltong, a popular dried meat in South Africa.
Use this worksheet to write about the cuisine of a particular country.
Gorilla and chimpanzee meat are considered delicacies in much of Africa. In recent years this had led to increase in the controversial trade in "bushmeat," almost all of which is illegal. Is it wrong to eat these animals? Includes a link to an interview with wildlife photographer Karl Amman and video clip of the PBS film segment. NOTE: Reading level and content is for older students. Teachers should preview video clips before using in the classroom.
Learn about the different types of food eaten around the world. There are recipes from many places including Korea, China, England, Mexico, Italy, Japan, and Africa. Read about cooking safety and dining etiquette, plus watch videos of master chefs preparing a meal. There are also some math activities.



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