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Habitat: Wetlands

Read about the different types of wetlands (swamps, marshes, and bogs) and find out why these habitats are in danger of disappearing. Learn more about the plants and animals that make up this ecosystem. Includes many photographs. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on habitats.


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Find out about wetlands and where they are found in Canada. Chapter 1 tells about wetlands and their value. Chapter 2 tells about the different types of wetlands. Chapter 3 is about wetlands in the regions of Canada. Chapter 4 tells about a convention designed to protect the world's wetlands.
Learn about animals that make their homes in swamps.
Find out what this habitat is like and what plants and animals might live here.
Click on the links at the left to learn about wetlands, the animals that live there, and why wetlands are in trouble.
This EPA site tells about the interaction of nature and people with wetlands. Find out the current status of wetlands and how they are being protected.
Read about the month that we celebrate wetlands. Includes the history of this celebration.
Read about wetlands in Missouri and reasons why this type of habitat is in danger of disappearing.
This lesson plan has students identify wetlands near their school.
This lesson plan helps students understand the benefits of having this type of habitat.
This lesson has a hands-on activity about water and soil.
This lesson plan, which was written by a teacher from Utah, has a hands-on activity about wetlands. There are instructions for having students create a model of Utah wetlands.
Students can use these printouts of freshwater marsh animals.
Learn about the plants, animals, and natural features of the Florida Everglades on this site.
Students can find the different definitions for wetlands. This Idaho site highlights wetlands of the Northwest United States. Teachers can click on "Classroom Activities."
This resource covers the different ecosystems on our planet. Find out how these biomes differ, what characteristics make them unique, and where they are located. Includes a map of the different habitats found in Missouri and information about habitats in Utah.



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